Punk in drublic
Punk in drublic
Hi I'm James I'm 17 and from the South of England, and I can safely call myself a Wessex Boy ;) I'm a musician, and love music. I fucking love punk rock and folk music. This blog is mainly music based but it can be random, it depends on my mood...

How do people change their minds so suddenly like flipping a light switch?

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It’s not even love any more, It’s just a claim upon my soul.

It stains my skin, yeah it’s on my breath, And I’m ashamed to get undressed In front of strangers in case they see The tell tale signs that you have left all over me.

Frank Turner, Tell Tale Signs (via tomorrowlieswest)
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So fuck you Hollywood
For teaching us that love was free and easy
And dressing all our daughters as princesses Frank Turner, Good and Gone (via killjoy-life-is-gonna-kill-you)
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